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Find your Perfect POD

Our NASKIN PODS each feature a unique natural infusion to target & benefit different skin issues & needs. Check out the NASKIN POD Guide below to find YOUR perfect infusion!






Looking for the ultimate starter POD? Our Raw POD is your answer!

The Raw POD is perfect to smooth, refine & re-balance the ph level of your skin. You need this if you deal with eczema, psoriasis, blemishes or rosacea. Good for for ALL skin types, including those with sensitive skin. This POD is just 100% pure & natural Konjac plant goodness – that’s all!

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Blemishes be gone with our Slate Face POD!

The Slate Face POD is perfect for you if you experience any of the following skin conditions; hormonal skin, breakouts, pimples, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, inflammation or oily skin.
Infused with the world’s finest Ubame Oak charcoal to detoxify, draw out toxins & calm your skin down.

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Looking to refresh dull skin? Our Wild Mint POD is for you!

The Wild Mint Face POD is perfect for you if your skin is inflamed, has redness, is dull & tired looking and needs hydrating & nourishing. This POD helps minimise fine lines & wrinkles, making it great for anti-ageing and good for mature skins too.

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Benefit from the power of antioxidants with our Citrus Yuzu POD.

The Citrus Yuzu POD is perfect for you if you have dry, flaky or uneven skin texture, dark spots and pigmentation. Vitamin C works to fade dark spots while rehydrating & rebalancing your skin.

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If radiance is your goal…our Sea Pearl POD is the answer.

The Sea Pearl POD is perfect if you’re interested in boosting your skin’s radiance. This POD delivers maximum skin hydration and anti-ageing benefits. Its rich marine minerals stimulate collagen production to make your skin plump & dewy!

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Say hello to peachy perfect skin with our White Peach POD!

The White Peach Pod is perfect if you have redness, inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, dark under eye circles, want to minimise pores, or if skin brightening is your goal! Infused with White Peach, this POD is gentle, soothing & purifying. Using natural Vitamin A found in Peaches to brighten your skin.

~Shop White Peach POD~


Get glowing with our Green Tea POD!

Fight sun damage, premature signs of ageing, redness and general irritation with this good all rounder that’s perfect for all skin types! Infused with the finest quality Japanese Green Tea, this seriously soothing POD is your anti ageing powerhouse!

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Slate Body POD

Perfect for rough skin patches, elbows, knees, shins & ankles, bacne or ingrown hairs. Infused with the world’s finest Ubame Oak charcoal this one detoxifies and draws out toxins to purify and rebalance your skin ALL over.

~Shop Slate Body POD~



Wild Mint Body POD

Perfect for ALL skin types that need hydrating. Wild mint & French blue clay makes this one super hydrating & nourishing for your skin. Infused with Wild Mint & French Blue Clay this one is super nourishing & hydrating to refresh and revitalise your skin.

~Shop Wild Mint Body POD~



Citrus Yuzu Body POD

Perfect for dry, dull skin. Ditch your dry skin issues with this super potent skin brightening Vitamin C antioxidant powerhouse. Infused with Citrus Yuzu this one targets your dry skin issues by gently refining and polishing to brighten and bring back the GLOW! 

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